Dry Cleaning


The Flair Advantage  
Flair Cleaners is recognized for its craftsmanship and expertise 
revolutionizing the professional dry cleaning industry. We are 
recognized as the Best Dry Cleaner in Canada because of these six unique processes.

We are five times more meticulous
From the time a garment enters our facility, it is inspected no less than five times during our patented 5-step process to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

1. All garments are pre-spotted with hypo-allergenic detergents. 
     Dress shirts have their collars and cuffs meticulously scrubbed 
     prior washing in cold water to prevent shrinkage.
2. All garments are pressed by hand for a clean crisp finish.
3. Minor alterations and repairs are done free of charge.
4. Your garments are inspected meticulously to ensure all parts 
     are clean and crisp to the owners standard.
5. Finally your garment is delicately packaged to preserve it’s 
    crisp shape.