At the end of the day or for a quick midday nap, our client’s deserve to be pampered with the gentle caresses of a fluffy duvet and satiny soft sheets - not materials that are rough, starchy and unyielding. Bedding deserves more than your average washing machine, where it is battered to submission and exposed to harsh detergents. Flair Cleaners treats your duvets, comforters, and sheets by eliminating all traces of soil while at the same time, preserving the fi ne attributes of every fibre without causing shrinkage. After a number of inspections, the item is pressed and packaged, ready for you. Our cleaning processes do not leave a residual odour, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s rest without surrounding yourself in the lingering stench of chemicals.

Drapery is a vital element in interior design which serves a necessary function. Unfortunately, window fashions are too easily neglected, mercilessly pulled and tugged as well as subjected to the harsh sun and conditions of the home it serves to protect. This ceaseless cycle of daily wear and tear can quickly damage drapes, making them dingy and heavily worn.

Table linens and antiques textiles
The accomplished host relies on a strict attention to detail. To transform their home into avenue, they present their fi nest, including the insurmountable elegance of pristine table linens. Wine, oil, or food - rest assured knowing when Flair Cleaners receives your precious table linens and heirloom textiles, they are cleaned and restored to their original condition, free of the unwanted marks of a previous event and ready for the next.