About US

With a complete package of exclusive high-end dry cleaning and laundry services, state-of-the-art processes, expert personnel and environmentally sound processes available Dove Cleaners has established itself as Toronto’s Premiere Green Dry Cleaner. With this knowledge and background in the dry cleaning business we launched Flair Cleaners. The franchise is backed by the quality and expertise that Dove Cleaners has given to the Toronto public. Every garment from Flair Cleaners will be handled at the Dove Cleaners plant.

Dove Cleaners was originally founded in Los Angeles, California in 1992 as a single location and quickly became recognized by the community for superior service and craftsmanship. Within a couple of years, Dove Cleaners evolved into a highly respected brand that was easily distinguishable from its competitors. In the late 1990’s the company was brought to Toronto to fill a niche that had been long neglected. Once established in Toronto it was developed into the first scalable processing system in the industry setting a precedent which raised the bar to a new level. As part of is commitment to excellence, Dove Cleaners continued to revolutionize the dry cleaning industry by becoming the world’s first and only dry cleaner with ISO 9001 Quality Registration Certification. Dove Cleaners has constantly devoted itself to environmentally friendly practices and innovation that are beneficial to its clientele, employees, community and planet. Launching Flair Cleaners in 2010 was another milestone in bring the city of Toronto quality green dry cleaning. Flair Cleaners fills a niche in Toronto for a mid-grade, affordable Green cleaner. With a huge Green push in the past few years the public deserve a dry cleaner which is environmentally friendly at a reasonable price.